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CLOSED MARCH 1st through MARCH 8th

     Thank you for the many opportunities to have served you in the Acupuncture Pain Clinic since 2004.  WhiteHaven is no longer accepting acupuncture clients.  We are changing focus from Chronic Pain Clinic, to Wellness Clinic using ElectroDermal Biomeridian Nutritional Scanning (EDS) to implement lifestyle changes.

To order Standard Process supplements at your own convenience & sent to your address, please click the “Book Online” appointment icon below and follow the instructions.   

I wish you a  healthy & happy 2023 and may you lean into whatever brings you joy.  

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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Can Help With

  • Migraines/tension
  • Arthritic Pain
  • Sciatica/Back Pain
  • Stress Related Illnesses
  • Sleeplessness
  • Achy Joints

  • Chemotherapy Support
  • Emotional Disorders/PTSD/Anxiety
  • Well-Being
  • Weight Issues/Fatigue
  • Sports-Related Injury
  • Biomeridian  NUTRITION Assessment