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Tucson Acupuncture ClinicAcupuncture is a cornerstone of the oldest and most widely used forms of holistic medicine dating as far back as A.D. 600. It is a completely natural method to promote healing by enhancing the recuperative power, immunity, physical and emotional health and improve overall function and well-being. It is a safe and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical problems such as pain, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic issues such as allergies and IBS. Acupuncture can be used also to relieve symptoms that traditional medicine can struggle with, such as menopausal symptoms. It can also greatly aid with addictive habits such as smoking, alcohol and drug use.

Sonja White is a State Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) with an advanced degree from the Arizona School Of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine and over 17 years of successfully practicing acupuncture in Tucson from her East Side clinic.

Sonja uses a Japanese style technique of acupuncture, which is considered very gentle because it uses much smaller needles that are guided using small tubes that allow a more shallow insertion.



How Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture Services in TucsonThe classical definition of acupuncture is based on the idea that channels (or rivers) or vital energy run in patterns throughout the body. We can naturally obstruct the movement of this energy through sickness, stress, malnutrition, etc. Acupuncture accesses this energy flow through channels, or what are called meridians, which then helps the body naturally correct the flow of energy and we experience a healing result.

Acupuncture is essentially a natural way to help the body heal itself and properly nourish itself and often times can achieve the same results that we use pharmaceuticals for, such as digestive aids. And as a natural method of healing, it carries no harmful side effects commonly found in traditional drugs.

Acupuncture is by no means a replacement to the wonderful advancements we have made in medications and surgical procedures, but it is a very powerful means of maintaining health and wellness without resorting to drugs for daily good health.

As a practical example, while acupuncture cannot miraculously heal someone suffering from a cold or flu, it can vastly accelerate the healing process, relieve the harshness of symptoms, while helping the illness from deeply entering the lungs.

How Acupuncture Feels

A common fear that people have is the concept of being with a bunch of needles. In reality, an acupuncture needle is barely thicker than a human hair. It typically isn’t even felt upon entering the skin.

Each acupuncture needle is made from surgical steel and comes individually wrapped in the same you would see any other professional medical tool. Each needle is disposed of safely after use so there is no risk of infection. After the needle has been inserted you may feel a sensation of warmth or tingling but there should not be any pain. Most patients experience a sense of heavy relaxation and some people fall asleep during treatment.

What Can Acupuncture Treat

Tucson Acupuncture ProviderFirst, it’s important to mention that every person is different. Traditionally when we think of solving a medical problem, we look for a specific list of symptoms and diagnose a problem that then needs to be fixed. Traditional Chinese medicine looks much more specifically at the whole individual to ascertain what is causing the root of the problem and this may be a different treatment plan from one individual to the next. Depending on the severity of the symptoms a treatment plan is built, tracked and then measured.

Some of the areas that acupuncture can help are: