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BioScan (aka Biomeridian) ElectroDermal Nutritional Screening

BioScan devices work similarly to that of an EKG machine, and it is like taking an electronic physical examination. It is an objective profiling tool that assists a practitioner in identifying an optimal nutritional, homeopathic or herbal protocol (only your medical doctor may diagnose actual disease). It measures the electrical impulses using acupuncture points on the fingers and toes, and graphs how well (or not so well) the flow of each energetic system is working. The BioMeridian can ascertain nutritional deficiencies and specific supplements that will balance these systems.

Essentially, it measures the electromagnetic field that flows through each one of us. As our systems individually weaken, Traditional Oriental Medicine treats this through acupuncture on the corresponding meridian. BioMeridian technology allows us to see and quantify these same weaknesses and deliver targeted, measurable and proven treatment safely and effectively. The video to the right may also help explain the process.  Sonja has over ten years of experience on her machine.

I will send you, via email, the Intake Forms, along with Instructions on how to prepare for a Biomeridian Session. Note that you will need to stop taking your daily supplements at least 48 hours before your appointment so the readings are accurate.  If you take PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS – continue those.  Bring current supplement bottles with you to your appointment.