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“I was so exhausted for over a month (going between couch and bed) and taking 13 supplements/day that another practitioner recommended. Finally I went to see Sonja who used the Bio-Meridian machine with me and I began to get my energy back right away. I had a follow-up and was “back to normal”. It felt like a miracle cure. I am SO grateful!” -TC

“Before I started acupuncture with Sonja White, I would get at least 4 sinus infections a year. It has been two years since I’ve had a sinus infection thanks to acupuncture with Sonja.”

“My doctors all said that they could not improve my foot any better, but with acupuncture and tuina, it has greatly improved!”

“I’ve had asthma since childhood, but acupuncture has kept me out of the emergency room. Acupuncture has helped control my asthma.”
-Jenna A.

“I’ve had TMJ and I tried everything to get relief but nothing helped, until I tried acupuncture with Sonja White. Now I have no trouble with my jaw!”

“Thanks to acupuncture, I am able to handle my very stressful job. I can think more clearly and do not react badly to circumstances like I used to. The road rage is even gone!”


“I lost the feeling in my leg from my calf to the middle toes on the left, but Sonja was able to restore most of the feeling in just 4 sessions of acupuncture and tuina.”

“Thanks so ongoing monthly treatments with acupuncture, my insomnia & depression are gone.”

“When I got acupuncture at Sonja’s for my shoulder, the pain stopped so that I could finally get to sleep at night. It took about 6 treatments; acupuncture kept me comfortable until I was able to get the shoulder surgery that was required to fix the actual problem.”